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Old Testament History Timeline

The Patriarchal Era (1800-1290 BC)

Exodus and the Period of the Judges (1290-1050 BC)

Early Israelite Monarchy (1050-750 BC)

The United Kingdom

Saul (1029-1000)

David (1000-961)

Solomon (961-922)

Rebellion of the North and Its Aftermath

The Southern Kingdom

Assyrian Dominance (750-605 BC)

The Rise of Assyria

The Last Days of the Northern Kingdom

Zechariah (746-745) and Shallum (745)

Menahem (745-737)

Pekahiah (737-736)

Pekah (736-732) and the Syro-Ephraimitic coalition

Hoshea (732-724) and the End of the Northerm Kingdom

The Assyrian Crisis and the Southern Kingdom

Jotham (coregent, 750-742; king, 742-735)

Ahaz (735-715)

Hezekiah (715-687)

Manasseh (687-642)

Amon (642-640)

Babylonian Era and Exile (605 BC - 538 BC)

Waning Assyrian Power

Josiah (640-609) and Religious Reforms

Jehoahaz (609)

Babylonian Control of Judah

Jehoikim (609-598)

Jehoichin [Jeconiah] (598)

Zedekiah [Mattaniah] (598-587) and the End of Judah

The Fall of Jerusalem and Its Aftermath

The Peak of Babylonian Power

The Persian Period and Return from Exile (538-323 BC)

The Decline of Babylon

Cyrus and the Rise of Persia

Persian Rule and Return from Exile

The Leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah (not completed)

The Greek Wars/Maccabean Period (323-63 BC)

The Rise of Rome (63-3 BC}


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